The National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBCP) helps professionals to support families in their bereavement after any pregnancy or baby loss, be that Miscarriage (including Ectopic and Molar Pregnancy), Termination of Pregnancy for Foetal Anomaly (TOPFA), Stillbirth, Neonatal Death or Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI).

A number of charities and professional organisations are involved in its development.

“As Co-Chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss, we are dedicated to improving the support for bereaved families. Our work with parliamentary colleagues, government and partner organisations in the charity and health sectors have helped to raise crucial issues for bereaved families, as well as push for substantive improvements in awareness and support.

We wholly endorse the standards outlined by the National Bereavement Care Pathway, as well as the Pathway itself. We encourage all NHS Trusts and Health Boards to ensure all care surrounding baby loss is offered in line with these standards, and indeed the ethos, knowledge and resourcing. We also urge the widespread adoption of the National Bereavement Care Pathway across the UK.

By working together to raise awareness of baby loss, and support families and staff dealing with these issues, we can help ensure that in those sad circumstances when baby loss cannot be prevented, health professionals across the country will be ready to provide excellent bereavement care.”

Antoinette Sandbach MP & Will Quince MP
Co-Chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss

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Health professionals

All health professionals are now able to access the NBCP Pathway materials.

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Bereavement Care Standards

The nine recommended standards for bereavement care.

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NBCP Evaluation

The evaluation of the National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBCP).

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